Vampire Friday is a celebration of all things vampiric that takes place on the last Friday of every month. Put on your vampire aesthetic or just stay home and watch your favorite vampire movie. We can't tell you how to spend your Vampire Fridays, but you should strive to do at least one vampire related activity.

The only rules are that your vampire activities must be legal and have the consent of all involved. The first one is something our vampire lawyers made us say. The second one is just common courtesy.

Vampire Friday is the last Friday of every month.
2021's Vampire Fridays are:

  • January 28

  • February 25

  • March 25

  • April 29

  • May 27

  • June 24

  • July 29

  • August 26

  • September 30

  • October 28

  • November 25

  • December 30

Vampire Friday is still quite new so I expect you may have some questions or comments. Please feel free to get in touch by using the form below. Your email address is required if you would like a reply, but we won't use your email address for anything else. What do we look like, werewolves?